Academic Programmes

Full-time and part-time courses available


This year-long BA Visual Communications Degree presented by the Stellenbosch Academy of Design and Photography aims to produce industry-ready innovative critical thinkers who are able to make meaningful and professional contributions and challenge conventional visual communication thinking.

This degree is built on three interrelated components, Creative Practice (practice-led

research), Visual Studies (critical theory), and Contextual Studies (contextual theory).

Students work with a team of highly qualified lecturers and the programme as a whole will be conducted in an open-plan studio environment, which will enable students across disciplines and specialisations to work alongside each other.

In this co-creating learning

environment shared experience is encouraged by means of personal interaction and the engagement with learning activities such as presentations, seminars, group discussions, and the like. Students will receive feedback from individual lecturers as well as from an

interdisciplinary panel of lecturing staff.



At the Stellenbosch Academy, we understand how difficult it can be to choose a career path that is both rewarding and aligned with one's natural skills and interests. That is why we have designed a curriculum that moves from the general to the specific. It allows our students to get a taste of the five major disciplines we offer (Design, Photography, Art Direction, Illustration and Multimedia Studies)before deciding on a specialisation.

In the first six months of first year, students get a taste of all five major disciplines. In the second six months of first year, students choose two of these disciplines to explore further. At the beginning of second year they then choose one major from the previous two - taking it through to completion at the end of third year. This ensures a solid grounding in visual communication and a major that plays to individual students' skills and interests.

Our higher certificate programme in commercial photography gives students everything they need for entry-level photographic practice. This means our graduates leave with a solid grounding in photography that allows them to hit the ground running.

The programme covers a range of styles including: Advertising, portraiture, landscape and documentary photography.

We offer a number of short courses and workshops on campus. These cover various design and photography disciplines -  whether you're looking to upskill, to satisfy your curiosity or learn more about something to see if you would like to pursue it further.