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Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator & Indesign

R6490,00 per course

10% discount IF you Do all three courses


This comprehensive desktop publishing package is an intensive programme, suitable for entrepreneurs, students and professionals who are looking to master the skills of three of the most powerful design programs in the industry. Marketing and advertising material can be created professionally with the skills of Adobe Photoshop (photo manipulation), Illustrator (drawing) and InDesign (page layout). If you wish to only complete specific sections of the package you are welcome to exit after each module. Each module may be completed separately and consists 20 hours of extensive training for each application. Receive a certificate upon successful completion of each module.


PHOTOSHOP OUTCOMES: The focus is to manipulate and edit images used in print, web and new media environments; developing and understanding the function of tools, menus, channels, colour, filters, scanning, exporting, deep-etching, colour, modes, retouching and special effects; content includes image sizing, resolution and file size, image modes, image adjustment (i.e. colour balance, levels, saturation), selecting areas and working in layers; photo manipulation – colour correcting, paint and draw imagery, effects, overlays, filters

ILLUSTRATOR OUTCOMES: The focus is creating artwork; developing an understanding of layering, shapes, paths, path- finders, selections, groupings, tracing and dimensions; working with type and image transformations; colour creation; production formats, repro elements and preparation for print; Understanding desktop publishing concepts – tool bars, palettes, menus, dialog boxes, navigator, defaults and alltool application concepts

INDESIGN OUTCOMES: The focus is on page layout, understanding graphics and creating artwork; developing an understanding of editing, frame tools, guides, text frames, columns, margins, master pages, tem- plates, guides, interactive documents and numbering; document settings, tools, templates, guides and grids; working with typography (text modifications, paragraph formats, threading, tabulations, tables, hyphenation, characterizations, hanging punctuation and anchored ob- jects); understanding graphics, file formats, importing, resizing, cropping and application of all graphic tools; creating artwork – layering, shapes, paths, pathfinders, selections, groupings, tracing and dimension; colour – creating pantone, spot and process colours and gradients; preparation for print


Graphic designers, web designers, photographers


Photoshop (Tuesday & Thursday evenings)

To be confirmed

Illustrator (Monday & Thursday evenings)

Next Course: 9,12,16,19,30 SEPTEMBER & 3,7,10,14,17 OCTOBER

InDesign (Monday & Thursday evenings)

Next Course: 21,24,28,31 OCTOBER & 4,7,11,14,18,21 NOVEMBER

TIME: 17H30 - 19H30

COURSE HOURS: 20 hours

LEVEL: Beginner

ENTRY REQUIREMENTS: Computer literacy


R6490,00 (per course, minimum of 5 people per course).

10% discount will apply should you sign up for all three courses