Eva Valicsek - Egg Packaging Redesign


Some beautiful and most importantly, insightful, work from a student in Hungary. We are so used to thinking of design as decoration or embellishment when in fact, design has a very practical element to it as well. This work from Eva Valicsek, is a perfect example of using design thinking to improve upon things we take for granted. We know how eggs are packaged. They come in those purpley/grey or tan boxes which are perfect for garage bands the world over to stick on the walls in the hopes of soundproofing their wailing. We know the shape, it is absolutely iconic, but when we start to think about sustainability and responsible design - is the traditional egg box the best way to package eggs? Does it use the least possible components? Is it as good for the environment as it can be?

These were questions Eva Valicsek asked herself when she was tasked with redesigning an object we assume is perfect. Eva noticed an interesting problem with traditional egg packaging though - the cups in the packaging did not allow for eggs of different sizes. She wanted to design an egg box which could change dynamically to fit the eggs within, and it all came from a happy accident. While she was experimenting with new box designs, she noticed a rubber band on her table, which she put to very clever use.

The new carton can be flat-packed and is assembled without any glue and is fixed to the base at just one point. It has also been tested for safety and she is assured that it protects eggs just as well as traditional egg boxes, due to the dynamic rubber bands, which hold the eggs tight even if the packaging is put on its side.

It is currently not in commercial production, but word is that there is tentative interest from European egg producers to take this prototype and turn it into a fully workable piece of packaging.

Not bad for a college project!

Check out Eva Valicsek on Behance here.

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