Lifebuoy - Roti Reminder


Lifebuoy is India's number one selling soap, and the brand believes they can help save thousands (if not millions) of lives if people just wash their hands. In this innovative campaign that took home a bronze PR Lion at Cannes, they took Marshall Mcluhan (The Medium is the Message) to heart, or rather - they took it into their hands. At the country's largest religious festival (which sees 100 million people meet in the same place), Lifebuoy stamped over 2 million rotis with a message which read, 'Did you wash your hands with Lifebuoy?' Hard to imagine a better way to reach such a large amount of people in such an innovative way.

There's something to be said for taking a new stance on medium choice. Similar to thinking about the user experience when designing a website, it's important to think about how someone uses an object (from a design perspective) in order to break new ground. As as traditional in India, people don't eat with knives and forks - they eat with their hands and a roti. One could see then that this campaign, if it were executed in the West, would perhaps work better if plastic knives and forks were branded with a similar message. It's all about understanding your audience.