Cape Times - You Can't Get Any Closer To The News


Who doesn't like a good selfie? It's something we've all become so used to these days, with the onslaught of social media, and despite the collective eye-rolling that happens when you have that one friend who won't stop posting them, they're somewhat of a visual meme. We recognise them immediately. This thinking was used to great effect by Lowe Cape Town for their recent campaign for The Cape Times (which won a silver award at Cannes 2013). They took iconic images, which we all know and have seen hundreds of times, and doctored them so they would look like the subjects of the images were taking selfies.

The copy reads: Every story feels like a first hand account. What better way to show the in-depth and quality reporting of the Cape Times?

A great campaign, with a great concept that deserves all the awards it has received so far - this shows the power of a strong idea, which is campaignable and just as great with each execution you see.

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