WWF - The Ant Rally


These days, advertising is expected to do good. For ages, advertising and marketing have been all about convincing people to spend as much as they can and not worry about the environmental or societal cost. This is slowly changing though, as society comes to expect more from brands and advertising. For a brand like WWF, doing good is part of their DNA. And that shows through in this stunt, which they held to commemorate the 50th birthday of WWF. Rather than produce yet another AV or print ad, they decided to use real leafcutter ants and hold an 'Ant Rally'. This idea was so well received that they went on to win the Grand Prix for Good at Cannes 2013.

What better way is there to show people the plight the rainforest is facing than using real ants with real leaves, protesting deforestation? Brilliant! Again - the medium is the message.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LfUP6ejMnzs]