Canada shared by Canadians


Crowdsourcing is a buzz word at the moment, one of the buzziest, to be honest - but when it's done right, it can be a beautiful thing. This example, from Canadian Tourism is an example of how great crowdsourcing can be when it is done right. You may notice this works so well because the people involved are being asked to share something they are passionate about, something to bear in mind. In order to show people what Canada is really like, Canadian Tourism sent out an open brief to everyone in Canada, asking them to share footage of 'their Canada' - no matter how crazy, silly, or ridiculous it was. In the end, they received over 65 hours of footage, which they had to cut down to a 30 second ad; no easy task! However with a killer soundtrack they made a short, sharp, beautiful ad that you soon won't forget. And like all the best ads and pieces of communication we see - it really moves you on an emotional level.

Well done to all involved! Now watch it and take a look, we're booking our tickets to Canada!