Nike Presents: Just Do It


Nike has come a long way in the last few years, from being seen as an evil sports-shoe company that co-opted children to work in their factories in the 90s, they have now transitioned into what seems like an almost unassailable position at the top of the sports brand pyramid. This ad takes it one step further, bringing to life Nike's idea that everyone with a body is an athlete - as long as you're pushing yourself, you can belong; you can be part of the Nike family. This ad tells that story, and uses a few famous faces along the way - Serena Williams and Chris Pine to name just two - and Bradley Cooper does the voice over. Sure, ads like this cost a lot of money and not every brand can do them - but Nike can do them. And with the advent of YouTube, ads like this may never even be flighted on TV - not if more than 8 million people will voluntarily choose to watch it. That's brand love - when people choose to take time out of their day to watch a piece of your communication.

It's big, it's bold and it's unashamedly Nike. You can't help but want to go for a run, do a few pushups or kick a ball around after watching it.

Check it out below.