Guinness - Wheelchair Basketball


In 2013, we hear many different predictions for the future of advertising - how it's all going to be mobile, or the Internet is the only way, or SEO will somehow save the day, perhaps even that advertising is becoming so data-driven that our entire online experiences will become curated with ads - only for those things we may be interested in. That all gets rather confusing and complicated and at the end of the day - the people who are meant to be affected by ads generally don't really care about the surge of mobile advertising or how SEO works. It's only ad people who get excited by those things. But there is one thing that the average person does get excited by though - well told, compelling stories that make them feel something.

This is as old as the human race. Good stories always move us, and have been since before we knew how to write and the only way we could share knowledge and entertain each other was through telling stories around the fire, or safely at the back of a cave.

This ad from Guinness does everything it needs to in just sixty seconds - it sets up an emotional story and gives us a pleasing resolution that would move even the hardest-hearted person. And while the Internet has made it easier for us to share ads like this, people wouldn't be sharing it if it wasn't a great story.

Check it out below: