Selfie Portraits


Jade Paton is a student at UCT studying Fine Art and in a recent project, she helps hold up a mirror to the mirror that is selfie culture. By using Instagram's new(ish) video feature, we see added tension to the medium we see so much of these days - the selfie. The name of the project, Self(ie) Obsessed hints at further ideas on the way we represent ourselves. Somehow, seeing a moving image and really being able to look into someone's eyes really brings these to life and in some cases, it almost feels too awkward or voyeuristic. Each blink, every twitch and lick of the lips is played out - very personal mannerisms, which bring more life and reality to the selfie; something which is fiercely curated (even those selfies which are presented as if they were thrown together in a hurry are designed to be so).

The good news is - if you'd like to be involved, it's as easy as taking a selfie. The requirements are to take a 15 second video of yourself holding the same pose, using Instagram. Once you're done, send a link of your selfie to

Who's in?