Machine - Tuongee Symposium


Machine is one of the hottest below-the-line design and communications agencies in South Africa right now. They have created great work and have been rightly recognised internationally for their amazing work (with a Cannes Design Silver earlier this year). This, their latest piece is a survival kit for the Tuongee Symposium - a meeting of SA's top advertising and media professionals for a two-day workshop. This year, the Symposium took place at a local game lodge, and Machine wanted to provide a beautifully designed pack for delegates, which was both tongue-in-cheek and aware of the digital nature of advertising today. And so, the The Quintessentially Metaphorical Survival Kit for Humans on Business Safari was born.

Highlighting a number of different items to help delegates including liquid mosquito repellant (in the form of gin and tonic), great music, a beautifully illustrated and designed guide book as well as all-purpose lip balm and a handy string, you really won't find better design in South Africa.

What a beautiful piece of work. For more of Machine's amazing design, check out their Behance profile here.

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