Makita - It All Starts With The Right Tools


A great print ad has to achieve a number of things for it to be considered great, and this ad by Makita power tools is a really good example. 1: There needs to be a really interesting, attention-grabbing image. Check.

2: There needs to be a simple, easy to understand message. Check.

3: There needs to be a concept that ties it all together, ideally one that requires just a split second of thinking to achieve that 'a-ha' moment. Check.

So... we've got the Empire State Building, a message you take in immediately and when you look a bit more closely, you'll notice the drill bit is actually forming the Empire State. This tiny little 'jump' the reader has to make brings them into the image and makes them feel like they are part of the process. It's a definite skill to be able to conceptualise an ad that falls in the right place between 'too simple' and 'hard to understand' and this one lands right in the middle.