Arnold Schwarzenegger for Gold's Gym

screen-shot-2014-01-24-at-4-45-29-pm.png This ad went up on 21 January 2013 and within five days 8 million people had seen it. But let's be more specific - they hadn't been forced to watch it, like they would for a toothpaste ad in the middle of their favourite soapie - they decided to watch it out of their own free will. They took the time to search for it, click on it, share it with their friends and watch it.

This is the power of content marketing.

By taking someone we all know and love (who doesn't love Arnold Schwarzenegger?) and putting him in this amazing situation (pretending to be an employee at Gold's Gym) we see a great piece of content that is unexpected, funny and most importantly - shareable. The Internet has really allowed advertisers and creatives to go even further when it comes to promoting products - they are no longer limited by time constraints for television or by budget when it comes to buying ad space. You can spend your time, effort and money in creating a great piece of content and put it on YouTube and if you do it right - people will do the hard work for you. And honestly - who doesn't want to see Arnold Schwarzenegger making a fool of himself?

If this is the future of advertising - it's looking bright!