Devil's Due - Devil Baby

screen-shot-2014-01-26-at-12-08-34-pm.png Here, another great piece of content marketing, although this takes a slightly different approach to it than we saw on Monday with Arnold Schwarzenegger for Gold's Gym. Instead of using a famous face, this uses a tried and tested method, one we all know and love (even though many of us won't admit to liking Leon Schuster movies) - pranks.

To promote the new horror film, Devil's Due, they decided to build an animatronic 'devil baby', which they would leave in a public space. After realistically crying and grabbing the attention of people around it, the baby pops up and screams scaring the living daylights out of the public and providing us with some great laughs. Quite honestly - it's hysterical.

In less than two weeks, this video has been watched nearly 40 million times. Now, you need to ask yourself - if you were tasked to promote a new horror film, what would conventional thinking be? Probably to create a scary looking trailer that horror buffs can share with each other, maybe put on Facebook. But this takes it one step further - while there is a 'devil baby' in the film, these pranks in essence aren't related to the film's content at all, however - they are so funny to watch that you can't help but check it out. Would a trailer be seen 40 million times? Probably not. But something like this? Most definitely.

The trick is to step outside your usual ways of thinking. While pranking people may not be the number one go to method for advertising, when you think about what horror movies are all about, the concept really comes together. It's all about getting that huge scare which makes you jump out of your seat or grab the person next to you - and that's what's happening here.

The other important thing to remember about content marketing (especially this type, where we have public interventions) is that the majority of viewers of the content aren't actually the people you are engaging in a public space. While you may only reach a few hundred people directly, the reach you get online can be huge.

So, the next time you hear a crying baby in public - what are you going to do?