Guinness - Sapeurs

screen-shot-2014-01-26-at-12-27-38-pm.png Sapeurs are a group of men from Congo who, despite their livelihood or station in life, dress well. Very well. For them it's all about the person you want to be, and the energy you put out into the world. One could link them to South Africa's izikhothane however for Sapeurs, it's not about wearing the most expensive clothes simply for the sake of it - it's for the love of style and the worth of the man wearing the clothes - one can see how these traits align very well with Guinness.

This ad from Guinness tells a great story. It's shot beautifully and really is another good example of content marketing, much like the other ads we've featured this week, although this you can see is a bit more of a hybrid between traditional TV/film advertising and Internet video. This could easily be edited down and flighted on TV, but the longer version is so much better, which the Internet allows for. Also, posting this on the Internet means you to do more - at the end of the video there is a link to learn more about the real men behind the suits. This is a great touch - because if these men were just being used for their look and style it could be easy to argue that this is yet another case of advertising exploiting a culture for commercial gain.

But what an art director's dream. The dusty streets of Africa and the pop of colour of these immaculate suits makes this a real feast for the eyes. You'll notice too that the Guinness branding stays quite understated for the majority of the film - you only see a few bottles and glasses on the tables toward the end. By pulling the brand back slightly and allowing the story to breathe, this ad is much better than it would have been had we seen Guinness being consumed from the beginning.

As people who love Africa, we are so happy to see some of the great things this continent is doing being featured on the global scale. Now who knows a good tailor?

To learn more about the men, check out this video below.