Colgate Redesign

We love clever student work. Perhaps we're a little biased (we know ours are the best) but there's something about the freedom of thinking that being a student affords you that allows you to think big. This is what Nicole Pannuzzo (a student at Arizona State University) did, when she looked at how better the Colgate toothpaste tube could be designed, not only from an aesthetic perspective but also from a waste and usability perspective. We must say, as a school obsessed with process, we certainly approve of seeing how many iterations she went through to come to the final design. It's the only way to get there! Inspired by origami, Pannuzzo found an entirely new way to imagine what a toothpaste tube could be - and honestly, it's very impressive. You know that an idea is good when it's so blindingly obvious, so simple. This has it all. It just looks so cool too!

For more of Pannuzzo's inspiring work, have a look at her website over here.