Whitney Museum Logo Redesign

When we were at Design Indaba this year, we were privileged to witness a talk by the Dutch design studio, Experimental Jetset. They explained, amongst other things, their redesign of the Whitney Museum's corporate identity. Great design is timeless. It's often simple. It's often striking. And often, it has that element of 'that's so obvious and so clever!', which is incredibly hard to define and yet you know it when you see it.

Experimental Jetset's redesign for the Whitney Art Museum in New York is just that. Simple, striking, so clever and at the same time so obvious. They designed a responsive 'W' logo, which can be iterated almost infinitely across a wide range of media, all while holding the graphic identity of the Whitney.

Design does not get better than this.

For a full explanation of the process from Experimental Jetset, please do take the time to look at the case study on their website - it is a masterclass in design thinking, process and execution. You can find that here.