Share It To End It


We live in a world where bullying and cyber bullying are rampant and while everyone knows it's wrong and what a problem it is, it's difficult to communicate about in a way that makes a real difference. It's so easy for mob mentality to take over, but hopefully with the right messages out in the market, we can make a difference. This campaign for the Coalition Against Bullying for Children and Youth in Singapore, takes an interesting angle on bullying, using a great conceptual device. Based on the idea that talking about bullying will help to end it, every time you share this video it gets shorter. So the more you 'talk' about it, the more bullying disappears. Eventually - there will be no video left to share,

For the campaign to work, you'll have to go to the site itself, rather than directly from here. But we do urge you to have a look - it's a great idea.

You can share it to end it here.