Virgin Atlantic - How a new tray can save millions of dollars

In the world of airlines, weight is very important. Just a few kilograms can add up to thousands of dollars in fuel costs when you consider how often planes fly. For this reason, airlines are always looking at ways to cut weight and thus cut fuel costs. Over the years, airlines have looked at reducing the weight of seatbelts, seats themselves and even how much paint is used on the plane (when you consider how large planes are - paint can end up weighing a lot!) For this reason, Virgin Atlantic employed the services of MAP Projects - a design consultancy in London - to see what they could do. Not only is the design solution space and weight saving, we also think it's rather elegant too.

This is a great example of applying design thinking to business problems and arriving at real world, actionable solutions that deliver not only real value to the business concerned but also improve the look and feel of their objects. Everyone wins!

If you're interested in learning more about MAP, check out their website over here.