Jeffrey Lewis Bennett - Wedding GIFs

Wedding photography is something we all know, and it's a discipline that allowed many photographers to get their start and build their careers. But what about wedding photography for the social media age? What new things can be done to bring these images to life? These questions were answered by Jeffrey Lewis Bennett, a photographer from Detroit, who turns his photographs of people on their special day into infinitely looping GIFs. Such a great idea to add so much more to wedding photographs.

As photography as a discipline moves forward, we really are expecting to see more and more ways GIFs and other content-rich formats are used in photography - all to photography's benefit. While the foundations of photography will always be there and always hold true (a great image is a great image) we feel that any way that photography can be more accessible and enjoyable by the mainstream is key.

For more of Jeffrey Lewis Bennett's work, have a look at his website here.