Two new amazing courses from the Stellenbosch Academy

screen-shot-2014-10-17-at-5-59-32-pm.png We are very pleased to announce two new short courses that will be starting at the Stellenbosch Academy of Design and Photography.

Motion Design

With the move toward video content worldwide, we felt it was time to offer a short course to the market that can really help hone skills and put new ones in place and give people that competitive edge. We know that video is where it's at and motion design and information design are becoming more important than ever as we use moving images to tell stories and impart information.

This eight week course will have six components: Introduction, The World of Digital, Infographics, Animated Commercials, Basic Compositing and Professional Advice.

This course will run in November this year and then again in March 2015.


DSLR Filming and Editing

With the rise of DLSRs we have seen the democratisation of the film industry. This means that with the right digital camera, you are able to produce some of the highest quality film. No longer are people held back by expensive equipment and clunky gear - you can do it all with one device. If you're interested in telling great stories and bringing them to life, this is the course for you.

This course focuses on the technical challenges related to DSLR video production and will help students learn: How to light scenarios for documentary interviews and corporate filming, camera movements and how to plan and execute a shoot from start to finish.

This course will run in March 2015.

Interested? Got any more questions? Fill out an application form here or contact Sally Currie via email here.