Johnny Cupcakes T-Shirt Packaging

Johnny Cupcakes is a T-Shirt and fashion label that specialises in limited edition designs. With their iconic cupcake motif, they have created thousands of shirts loved by people all over the world and often have people lining up to try and stand a chance to own one of their new designs. Here, Johnny Cupcakes has taken packaging cues from their T-Shirt design (a meat cupcake with crossbones - why not?) and packaged the T-Shirt just as if it were a cut of meat in a butchery or grocery store. From the clingwrap around the package to the sticker and the tray it comes in - this packaging is authentic.

It's playful, fun and engaging. Everything you want from good design.

To see more from Johnny Cupcakes, have a look at their website right over here.