Kyle Weeks - OvaHimba Portraits

We love nothing more than seeing our students and alumni excel and we are proud to share with you some amazing work from Kyle Weeks. Kyle studied photography with us and graduated in 2013. Here, we see his portrait work with the OvaHimba men in Namibia. You can read more about Kyle's work in this week's Mail and Guardian, which explains a good deal about his process and thinking. Have a look at that here.

This honest portrayal of local men, with their mish-mash of Western fashion and local flair is such a beautiful series of portraits - we do suggest you go see them in the flesh!

This work is currently on show at the Johans Borman gallery in Cape Town until 7 November. To read more about Kyle, check out his official bio page here.

To see more of Kyle discussing his work, check out the video below.