The Dutch Design Thinking Approach Pt 1

We recently hosted an amazing talk about Dutch Design Thinking at the Academy which left us all inspired and ready to go out there and change the world. We cannot stress enough how rewarding this was for us and our students and for those of you who attended we do thank you! Stay tuned to see when we do another! We had Gert Ovink (special advisor to the Obama administration), Kurt Ward (Philips Design), Frank Houben (KLM), Gertjan Meeuws (Plenty50) and Helen Kranstauber (Agri Meets Design) moderated by Alayne Reesberg (CEO of World Design Capital 2014). It was absolutely fascinating to look at how the Dutch approach design compared to us. We come from such different countries that design has can often have an entirely different role to play. The real trick is seeing what we can learn from each other and cross-pollinate to create design that gives us the best of both!

We've shared some photos here of the event itself, but stay tuned because we've got videos coming up on the blog really soon!