Unfinished Business Stock Photos

We take photography seriously. When we see how cheesy stock photography can be and how often it is used (yes, we know it is significantly cheaper than commissioning new images, but come on!) it's great to see some points being scored for our team. We all know it, we can all spot stock photography a mile away with its sterile lighting and cheesy smiles, but no one has really spoken out about it, or at least made fun of it. These promotional images for 'Unfinished Business', a new movie starring Vince Vaughn, take the cheesiness of stock photography and blow it our of proportion for amazing effect. In conjunction with iStock by Getty Images, Vince Vaughn and his costars were photoshopped into pre-existing stock photos, then put up on the site for free use in editorial. Don't believe us? Check out this link here.

Check out the full set in the gallery below. We've also included some before and after gifs so you can see just how it was done. What a fun idea!

unfinished-stock-05-2015 unfinished-stock-04-2015