Simon Hogsberg - The Grocery Store Project

Simon Hogsberg is a Danish photographer who undertook an amazingly detailed project - photographing the people who visited a grocery store in Copenhagen over almost two years. In this time he collected nearly 100 000 photographs of the people and slowly, patterns began to emerge. This is where it gets really interesting.

Using facial recognition software, Hogsberg analysed the images and started to draw connections between people based on their interactions with each other, which he published on his project  website, The Grocery Store Project. Here you can see how the images are laid out and how they interact with each other in a beautifully thought out way, showing connections between people. This editing process ended up taking longer than the project itself - 30 months.

Whether obsessive, beautiful or just plain crazy - this project shows the vital importance of stills photography in the digital age. There is still no better medium to perfectly capture moments of time and when this is overlaid with the multimedia angle - allowing users to browse the images in an intuitive, informative way - this project goes from amazing to utterly sublime.

We do suggest you take your time on the site!