Kevin McElvaney - Agbogbloshie

Kevin McElvaney is a photographer who in this project has turned his lens to something many of us are not aware of - the problem of e-waste. We don't realise, as we continue to buy the latest in computers, cellphones and TVs etc that all of our old stuff has to go somewhere. A lot of it ends up in places like Agbogbloshie in Accra, Ghana. Here, local people break down the discarded appliances and try repurpose the scrap to sell. Sadly, much of these items are poisonous and create serious pollution. This mixture of smoke, burning metal and chemicals creates a hellscape where young children work twelve hours a day trying to make money.

It's not pretty, it's not fun to look at, but this project is vitally important for all of us - we need to realise the true cost of our lifestyles. And a lot of the people paying for it, are our fellow Africans.

Check out a video of the project below.