Geoff Johnson - Behind the Door

Geoff Johnson is a commercial photographer who has used his project 'Behind the Door' to interrogate his own upbringing and help provide himself with some perspective. Growing up with a hoarder as a parent, Johnson often knew the shame of not wanting people to come into his house - holding the door ajar and sticking his head around so no one could see in. While we have seen hoarding trivialised and turned into reality TV soundbites, for those people living with a hoarder it is a serious issue to deal with in their lives. It's not as simple as people just not throwing things away - people have deep-seated psychological problems that cause them to obsessively collect things.

With this series, Johnson, interrogates what it is like to be a child in that environment - what it feels like to live in the filth and rubbish that is a hoarder's home.

We love this powerful work and salute Johnson for his honesty in dealing with this issue.