Bembos Packaging

Bembos is a Peruvian hamburger chain. In fact - the first hamburger chain to launch in Peru. In the face of globalisation, a certain King of Burgers and some menacing Golden Arches - Bembos has a tough time differentiating themselves in the Peruvian market. And that's where killer design comes in.

This work from Infinito Consultores, a Peruvian design agency, is a designer's dream brief - take all of our fast food packaging and run wild.

We've got a limited colour palette (just primary colours), amazing type, beautiful icons and some beautiful nods to pop art and 80s design (perfect given that Bembos began in 1988). We talk so often about how design can make all the difference to brand, how it can position a brand in the minds of consumers, and this example is perfect. How can you NOT want to get a takeaway from a place where the packaging is itself a work of art.

Can we please have more fast food restaurants pushing the design boundaries like this?