Nike Digital Retail Experience


There is something so exciting that happens when you see a branded campaign or experience and you think to yourself - THIS is the future. This digital retail experience for Nike by Demodern, a digital agency based in Germany, is just one of those things. We are often tasked with chatting to parents about just what kinds of jobs creative graduates can do, and as the scope of branding becomes ever larger - these kinds of genre-bending projects will become all the more popular. No longer are you limited to being 'just an art director' or 'just a photographer' - these days you can find yourself doing any number of other jobs that use your skills as a starting point but take them so much further.

Utilising smart walls, touch screens, RFID tags in shoes and a whole lot of tech-wizardry, this retail space blurs the lines between online and offline - between fantasy and reality. This is pure brand nirvana.

To truly appreciate this project you will have to check out the case study on Demodern's site over here. We'll leave you with their words, describing their project.

Envision a solution where the partition between the digital and physical landscapes no longer exists. To solve this we sought to create a fully integrated, 'seamless' retail environment. Seeking digital excellence in both customer frontend and technical backend. In part the solution was to create new interactions while expanding on product details and assortment with real-time availability. The other part was to deliver these experiences through leading edge technology. To better connect consumer and product we sought to create an adaptive environment which engages the consumer respective to their journey. Three custom built multi-user, multi-touch terminals expanded the brand experience with product information and online purchasing options. Focus groups and user analysis further validated our concept while strengthening insight into today's consumer expectations.

Do yourself a favour and check it out right now!