Wikus de Wet Photography


Wikus de Wet is a graduate of the Academy and we have been watching his career take off with so much excitement (much like we do with all our graduates from the Academy!). He is part of a project with Sean Metelerkamp and Sipho Mpongo called Twenty Journey that saw the three photographers travel across the country taking the most beautiful documentary photographs of South Africa - from the people to the landscape. Following in the footsteps of famous South African photographers like Obie Oberholzer, these three photogs are forging a new type of South African documentary photography.

This project was so well received that it is being featured in Huck Magazine, an international art and design mag. And to top it off, their work will be shown at an exhibition for the magazine later this month. And while you may think this project is just stills, they have extended it to film as well. Take a look at one of those films below:


Over and above the accolades that Wikus is receiving, we would be remiss not to explain his work a bit better. For the Twenty Journey project, he focused on Land, specifically the relation South African people have to it. Here is Wikus' artist statement:

A plan was set in place at the birth of democracy to repossess land, and return it to those from whom it was taken, but it doesn’t seem that anything has been done about it. Land is still a contentious issue amongst most South Africans. My goal is to understand the relationship land has to the people who occupy it. Cultural and historical value to land in South Africa will come to the foreground.

What an amazing way to ask questions and look for answers, and honestly the results are quite astounding. Between these three photographers we can see that the future of South African is incredibly bright.

To follow more of the Twenty Journey story, we do suggest you follow their instagram account, which you can find here.