Orange France - Relock Love

If you're a romantic at heart, the chances are you've probably heard of the Pont des Arts in Paris where lovers attach locks as a symbol of their devotion. What people didn't realise over time though, was that adding all these locks to a bridge was causing serious structural problems. The city of Paris had to do something about it, as they couldn't afford the safety risks and decided to remove all the locks. But what to do about documenting all of these locks? Orange France had an idea - photograph every single one of them (all 40 000) and upload them online to show the power of Orange's cloud services. From there, they created the 'Relock Love' website, which showcases every single lock and allows users to create their own digital locks too (which to be honest, are much easier on the bridge structure).

The page is in French so you may have to translate, but we've included just four pictures of the locks below (including one that must have been put there by South Africans) as well as a case study video to show you just how they did it.