Bob Ewing - Lettering Process


When something is done truly well it looks effortless. As if this perfect piece of art, design or illustration was birthed perfectly, emerging into the world fully-formed and flawless. But we know that to make something look effortless and perfect requires a huge amount of work. That's why our students don't always get the recommended 8 hours a night! The thing is - there is no other way to do things well but the hard way. It's a learning curve for many students when they join us at The Academy but it is an entirely rewarding way of working that produces great designers, photographers, illustrators, art directors and multimedia designers. To that end, we love looking at process work - understanding how people got to the finished product. While this is something only other designers and creatives get excited about, seeing work go from rough to finished like this is a valuable lesson for anyone interested in the creative process. We've shared a video here by Bob Ewing, American Designer and Letterer where he shows just how much work goes into a design - from the rough sketch through to the finished artwork.

Have a look below!