Wellington Zoo - Walk Through Precinct

Such beautiful, expressive illustrations in this campaign for the Wellington Zoo by Clemenger BBDO New Zealand. This is such a great example of how illustration can take a communication campaign and make it so much more engaging and exciting than simple photography. If you consider this challenge: Telling people that there is a new walk through precinct at the Wellington Zoo, there are a number of ways you could tell people about it visually. You could show an image of the precinct itself, you could take dramatic pictures of the animals people could expect to see there, or you could add a sense of excitement and drama like these executions with great illustration.

These are the kinds of questions Art Directors need to ask themselves all the time - what is the best way to get an idea across that would grab people's attention and get them interested in the message you are trying to get across. In this case, the Art Director felt illustration would be the best medium to tell the story, and would have briefed an Illustrator to help them achieve the desired look and feel.

When you study Art Direction at The Stellenbosch Academy, these are the kinds of questions we help you to answer. And when you study Illustration at the Academy, these are the kinds of thinking and image making we help you to achieve.