Target - Share The Force

Where would we be without Star Wars? It has inspired endless numbers of us as kids and continues to be a... force (get it?) to be reckoned with as we gear up for three new movies coming soon. The thing is, while Star Wars has kept us awake at night wishing we had light sabres, it has also been a great source of inspiration for designers across the world. That's why we love this work for Target in the States.

They've started Share The Force - a multimedia experiment that encourages us all to document our memories of Star Wars. And honestly... what would Star Wars be without merchandising and brand tie-ins?

We do suggest very strongly (perhaps not as strongly as Darth Vader's mind-control powers) that you check out the site above. It's a great example of a website that offers something different and a little more permanent - a repository of all our memories, with a UI idea that is as exciting as seeing the Deathstar explode for the first time!

May the force be with you!