Dollar Shave Club - B.A. Loonman


Dollar Shave Club are a new(ish) startup from the States that produce cheap razors and men's toiletries that are sold on a subscription model. They've gone from strength to strength over the last few years and have really exploded in terms of revenue and brand recognition. The one thing that always set them apart though, was their no-frills approach to advertising. Their launch video (which you can see below) was a simple explainer for the business, but because it was so much fun and so honest at the same time - it helped launch an immensely powerful brand.

This launch video has now been watched over 21 million times. That's not something you can buy. That's the power of a good creative concept.

Now that Dollar Shave Club have set the bar, they need to keep on meeting it. We love this new execution that highlights the smoothness of their razors and shaving products. Meet... B.A. Loonman.

It's simple, it's funny, it's memorable and it was cheap to produce. Best of all, it truly shows the benefit of their products.

A good idea will always shine through!