Orinter Tour and Travel

This work by Monumenta Brasilia shows how great art direction and thinking can easily segue into great illustration. With the message (translated from Portuguese of course): You will only have nice things to talk about your vacations (sic), these executions show just how much fun you'll have on your holiday. The 3D modelled look and the clever way these illustrations emerge from the mouth of the character are so smart. We'll guess that making these illustrations reality was no mean feat either!

We are often asked how an art director and illustrator would work in an agency environment and these ads are a great example. Usually, an art director and copy writer would work together in a team and come up with an idea. In this case: Booking a holiday with Orinter will give you amazing memories and awesome stories to tell. In order to best serve the idea, the art director will then spend time considering what is the best way to visually represent this. With the promise mentioned above, there are clearly a number of ways to do so. Here, the art director has decided to use illustration to get their point across. While some art directors can illustrate a little, often they need a specialist and that is where an illustrator will be called in to make the idea come to life, with the art director, 'directing' the process.

This eventually leads to the beautiful pieces of work you see here!