NASA - Visions of the Future

Space has always been cool. That goes without saying. But when you're NASA in 2016 and you haven't sent someone to the moon in years, it gets a bit harder to get your brand out there and get kids dreaming. Yes, the International Space Station is a feat of modern engineering and human will, but... it's not really stepping onto a planet untouched by humans. This is what makes these posters so exciting. Over and above the nostalgic design, harking back to the 60s and 70s in terms of not only travel posters but also sci-fi illustration, these posters make space seem exciting and fun again. They advertise unknown worlds to us, places no human has ever been to (and honestly, may never get to) but what they really do, is they allow the child within all of us to dream. To put up one of these posters on a bedroom wall and let our imagination run wild.

But you may be asking? Posters - these? On the bedroom wall? How? NASA has made all of these posters (there are 14 in total) available for free download in hi-res. That's right - you can download them for free, take them down to a print shop and get your very own intergalactic travel poster. It doesn't get better than that!

To see all of the posters - check out the official download site here