Stella Artois - Buy a Lady a Drink


In the quest for brands to be more responsible and do the right thing in the market, it becomes more and more important to find a cause people care about that your brand can stand for. If we consider that some brands make more money than entire countries, it becomes pretty important that they take on the same responsibilities that countries do. What is key is finding the cause that is most closely linked to your brand's product, assessing what parts of the value chain can be detrimental and working to improve those things. And hopefully helping people at the same time!

That thinking is what makes this initiative from Stella Artois such a strong piece of work. As a beer, it is clear that one of their most important ingredients is water. If a beer brand is 'taking' water from society, then surely it should be doing something to mitigate that? Enter Buy a Lady a Drink. In 2015, this initiative gave more than 290 000 people clean drinking water for 5 years through and this year they hope to do even more.

This year, they have developed a full VR experience that you can check out on the site as well as stories of the people affected. It truly is a lovely piece of work, something that makes a real difference in people's lives - like all the best brands should!

Have a look at the site right over here.