Perturbator - She is young, she is beautiful, she is dead


Perturbator is a French electronic music artist who specialises in the Outrun genre. What is 'Outrun', you may ask? Outrun is 80s inspired electronica that brings to mind all the great car chases and sci-fi scenes from your favourite movies that occurred with thumping 80s electronic soundtracks to match. Recently, the movie Drive adopted a very strong Outrun aesthetic as well as a soundtrack to match. Here, we're sharing a music video of Perturbator's that takes the retro feel even further, with painstakingly crafted pixel graphics and animations that hark back to the days of old computers, leather jackets and 80s heroes getting sweaty and kicking butt!

Whether you like the music or not, the illustration and creativity on show here is certainly without reproach!

Check it out below.