Netsky - Telekinesis


Isn't it great living in the future? Now that we're in 2016 we can do the most amazing things with multimedia - to the point that we now even have virtual reality music videos like this one by Netsky. You connect your phone by visiting a special site and then you can affect what's going on the video and see different things - by using your phone! What has changed so much in just the last few years is how much we can do through the Internet. Whereas in the early days of multimedia it was considered amazing to just watch video online (yes there was a time before YouTube existed), we have now reached a point where the Internet is undeniably more exciting and immersive than TV ever could be. What better time could there be to be studying multimedia?

When you've got some time to kill (and some data to burn) we do suggest you give this site a visit, it is the most fun you're going to have in a long time!

Check it out here.