Loch Ness Brewery - Packaging

Craft beer as a category provides such an interesting microcosm of design thinking. Whereas traditional beers have consistently appealed to heritage and seriousness in their design (mostly) craft beer, as an upstart going up against 'Big Beer', has always had the space to be more playful and experimental - not only with flavours and beer types but also with design. We've shared a number of craft beer package designs on the blog as they provide such a great snapshot of where design is right now. Whether it's heavily illustrated and incredibly intricate, simplified and modern or just wacky - there is a space for it in the craft beer design category.

So when you get a brand called 'Loch Ness Brewery', what do you do? Do you jump straight to the Loch Ness Monster and try create a character? Do you look for images of the Loch itself and go from there? This work by Thirst, a design agency that specialises in craft drinks, takes a minimalist approach along with a smart naming convention to bring the brand to life. We always say that the best designs are those you would love to steal and keep for yourself and these fun, colourful labels are both entirely of the craft beer industry and also fresh enough that they stand out. We'd happily steal them (or rather... keep the bottles after we'd had a few!)

Here's to finding Nessie!