Adidas Climazone Website

What a beautifully designed website! This is such a great example of how multimedia and web design can meet with art direction and graphic design as disciplines to create something incredible. In the good old days the launch of a new range, such as Adidas Climazone, would have to be announced through print - probably through pamphlets or handouts. These worked well enough when there were no other options, but now that we can create websites that bring a range of products to life like this one - print media to solve this problem seems so static and dead. Here we're seeing an interactive 'pamphlet' that shows the brand values of Adidas and this range, as well as beautiful photography of people using the product. Along with this, people can browse through and interact with a number of elements to learn more about the range and the technology behind it.

What stands out in the case of this website specifically is the attention to traditional design principles. This site is not hiding behind gimmicks and unnecessary flourishes - it is all about the content it delivers, which it delivers in a crisp, clear and engaging way.

Have a look at it here!