Daniel Ting Chong -Mr Big Stuff Corporate Identity

Cape Town designer Daniel Ting Chong always has something great coming out of his studio and this corporate identity work for Mr Big Stuff is no exception. Mr Big Stuff is a fast food joint in Braamfontein, Johannesburg with a difference: All the indulgent, unhealthy meals you would expect with true attention to detail and quality ingredients. Daniel created the logo, look and feel and packaging for the restaurant - which is just as fun as you would imagine eating chicken and waffles (one of Mr Big Stuff's signature dishes) would be!

Here's the rationale from Daniel himself:

Mr. Big Stuff is an American fast-food style burger joint that makes crispy fried chicken the old-fashioned way, and serves it with waffles or fries. The branding has a simplistic, light hearted approach to the culture of classic american diners. Using a modular colour palette, the face of Mr Big Stuff changes through a range of collateral to represent the various happy / smiley customers.

The next time you may find yourself in Braamfontein - don't hesitate to visit, the food is great and the packaging is so nice you'll want to take it home with you!