Cavalier Challenge

If you grew up in a certain time of the Internet (in fact what is now quite a long time ago, in Internet terms) you will probably remember playing Flash games in your browser to while away the time. We love this interactive browser game from Your Majesty - an interactive design and technology company - that uses great graphics and fun sound design along with a quirky tone to show off their skills.

Just think of the possibilities: If we can create experiences like this as Multimedia designers, what more could be done to help brands, organisations or anyone to have an amazing interactive web experience - not just a website? The time to be in multimedia design is now!

This is a long way from the Flash games of old, so be prepared for something a little bit more resource heavy on your computer - and see if you can beat our high score. (We'll be honest, it wasn't our best try, so it shouldn't be too difficult...)

Have a go here and see if you can best the Cavalier Challenge!