A Bear's-Eye View of Yellowstone

When you're a brand like National Geographic, with years and years of quality content behind you in the printed format, what do you do to update the way you can bring the natural world to life? In an increasingly connected online world, the printed word is becoming less compelling to people - especially when we can create experiences that are more engaging and illuminating than a magazine could ever be. Consider 'A Bear's-Eye View of Yellowstone' by National Geographic. Rather than use words to tell us what bears are up to in Yellowstone National Park, they used location tracking and mounted cameras to give us a true 'bears-eye view' - something much more engaging and exciting than we ever could have hoped for just a few years ago. We really do suggest you take the time to browse the site as it is such a good case study of how to tell a story well, in an engaging, media rich way.

It remains to be seen how other media and content producers will evolve to make use of these new tools we now have at our hands. The goal remains the same: To tell a compelling, interesting story, but we now have more tools than ever before to bring that to life. This is the ultimate challenge (and in fact the biggest opportunity) to the media designers of the future.

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