VocalID is a company that helps develop computerised voices for people who are unable to speak and must rely on computers to speak for them (think of someone like Stephen Hawking). But where VocalID differs though, is they allow their customers to have unique voices to use, rather than the same computerised voice that most people rely on. This gives people a sense of identity and uniqueness. Those of us who can speak naturally all have different voices, so why should people who must rely on computers be any different? But how to bring this idea to life?

Enter Goldivox.

Goldivox is an interactive video experience that recognises your voice and allows you to browse through the site by using your computer's microphone. You follow Goldivox as she searches for the best voice for her. What an amazing way to show users how important a unique voice is to people! It's fun and interactive and most importantly - forms an emotional bond between you as a user and the people in need. Great, great work!

To help Goldivox find her voice - click on the link here.