KFC Australia - Zinger Fish Fillet

Great art direction and photo retouching don't get much better than these examples for KFC Australia by Ogilvy Sydney. How do you show a spicy fish fillet in a print ad that's not too boring, forgettable or just uninspired? This is clearly the question that the creative team at Ogilvy asked themselves when this brief landed on their desks. We know the first thing most brands would turn to: Trying to take a photo of the product itself to try and make it seem enticing (you've probably seen a number of attempts at this at cheap fast food restaurants... Invariably they're not too appetising at all.)

So, why not find animals that normally eat fish, and using some deft retouching and art direction skills show just how hot the fish fillet is? By doing this, the creative team has managed to make a print campaign that introduces a new product in a fun, engaging and honestly pretty funny way - it's hard not to have a smile when you look at these animals, tears streaming from their eyes at the spiciness of the product. The idea is great and the retouching of the images is absolutely top notch!

Great stuff!