Renna Mobile - Billion Things To Talk About

If you consider cellular telephony providers, it becomes quite difficult to find real unique things that set one brand apart from another. If you're looking for that USP (Unique Selling Proposition) that brand guys and girls know so well, it's tough to find something that a brand can properly own. This work by FP7 McCann takes a great point about cellular phones (talking) and brings it to life with some amazing, detailed illustrations. With the line 'A billion things to talk about', we see everything that humans would chat to each other about with religion, sport and all the other little things added in too.

This idea is taken further with the qualifier: Talk more, pay less. It's not just about conversation, it's about all the things you can get to say to someone else, because it doesn't cost you as much. So rather than an advert that simply shows a price per minute or someone talking on the phone, we see a human conversation come to life in front of our eyes. A great idea from the art director that was executed brilliantly by a really skilled illustrator!