Puma - Big Shot

We love this campaign by Ogilvy Melbourne for Puma. This is the end result of a tryout session held to find young stars in soccer, rugby and Aussie rules football. Young sportsmen (and women) had the opportunity to try out and show their skills, and the top performers were chosen to be sponsored by Puma and then featured in their advertising. This advertising here shows the end result and while the initial activation is interesting and engaging, we're particularly excited about the way these adverts were executed. These are such a good example of how many of the disciplines we teach at the Academy can be applied in one campaign.

  1. Great photography - these moody black and white portraits are emotional and engaging.
  2. Clever design and illustration - this expressive typography tells such a powerful, emotional story not only through the meaning of the words but also how they are represented, through line-weighting and mark-making.
  3. Art direction that pulls it all together - these disparate disciplines were all implemented by an art director who would have briefed a photographer to take the image, then briefed a designer/illustrator to do the type. On top of this, all the copy would have had to be written by a copywriter.


When you look at all these things together, you see how strong this campaign really is from a perspective of the creative disciplines available to us. What a great way too, to see how they can all fit together, if you're new to the creative arts.

Amazing stuff!